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My Encounters With Blessed Mother Mary

I was born in September 1965. Sadly, after my birth, it was discovered that I was born with a physical defect: my right leg was shorter than the other. At that time medical science was not advanced unlike today hence there were no cure and my Gynaecologist, Dr Benjamin Sheares who later became the President of Singapore certified me me as a polio victim stamped on my birth certificate..

My late Mother being a devout Roman Catholic never lost faith and was confident that I can be cured so after my Baptism, when I was about 8 months old, My Mum travelled by Ship to India, Kerala where her Mother and relatives lived.

Enroute to Kerala, My Mum stopped at Nagapattinam where the Shrine of Our Lady of Velankanni  (Our Lady of Good Health) was.

It was here that I encountered near death. The waters were choppy when the Ship docked and when my Mother jumped onto the berth, My Mother lost her balance and I fell into the sea.  My mother’s cries were heard and a kind soul jumped into the sea and saved me.

This was the 1st Miracle I was saved through the intercession of Blessed Mother Mary

At the Church of Annai Velankanni, there was a pond of water where it was believed to have miraculous powers. My Mum dipped me into the pond and sought the intercession of Blessed Mother to ask her Son, Lord Jesus Christ to touch and heal me of my physical defect.

After the ritual, My Mother brought me to her Mum’s place which is in Trivandrum, Kerala near the Shumugam Beach. There My Grandmother sought the assistance of the village physician who said that he could only apply some herbal medication and hope for the best and urged my Grandmother and Family to ardently pray for a miracle.

For the next 6 months, before sunrise, the Physician massaged my shorter leg with the herbal medication paste and placed me inside the mud till my chest level. The routine continued everyday from 6am to 12 noon.

Here is where I encountered the 2nd Miracle through the intercession of Blessed Mother Mary.

Everyday the Physician would measure my disabled leg before and after the session. It was in the 3rd month, the Physician saw that my disabled leg grew and was gaining strength.

This healing process continued and on the 6th month, both my legs were of the same size and also gained strength. I started to walk after the age of 2 years old.

Subsequently, my Mother brought me back to Singapore where I started growing up under her guidance and tutelage, raising me up to her level best as a Roman Catholic, Child of God.

During my growing up years, My Mother taught me how to recite the Holy Rosary. I remembered that every night at 8pm, My Mother will summon both me and my eldest sister to the front of Altar where she will lead us in Reciting the Holy Rosary. As we were young; both of us were anxious to finish the prayer session so that we can resume playing our games or watch television.

We blabbered quickly whilst reciting the I Believe, Our Father and Hail Mary prayers without reflecting on the true meaning of each word.

I never had a happy childhood as My Dad always favoured my sister over me and often I feel neglected and unloved but my Mother will wipe away my tears comforting me that I am indeed very lucky to have 2 Mothers loving me: Blessed Mother Mary and My Earthly Mother. I soon began to believe and forget my worries.

My Dad who was once a wonderful Father though somewhat biased became an Alcoholic over some personal failures. His addiction caused much suffering and days without food as his priority was to get his daily fix of alcohol. My Mother who was educated in India had to go to work to make ends meet.

At the age of 14 years old, I left my house after failing Secondary 2 examinations and was despised by my Dad and relatives and was also called stupid. Another reason I left home as it was never conducive to study as often either I or my Mother gets beaten badly by my drunk Father who when sobered up nevers remember what harm he has done to us. I won’t know whether he was playacting to escape the blame.

I was contemplatiing suicide whilst in School as even my classmates teased and called me names.

Here is when the 3rd Miracle happended in my life. Blessed Mother Mary sent BJ to save me from suicide.

My schoolmate BJ saw me in an despondent mood and took me home to his place. He introduced me to his parents JJ and LJ and his eldest sister AJ. His parents counselled me and encouraged me not to waste time  and focus on my studies.

I spent about 8 years staying with them.. in that time I passed my Cambridge Exmainations and subsequently joined the Singapore Police Force at the age of 18n years old.

The 4th Miracle took place during my stay with BJ and his Family.

One evening, I returned home (BJ’s House) when I saw his parents talking with a burly Indian Man. When I passed by them, LJ introduced me as their Godson.

Suddenly, LJ called for me to join them as the Guest wanted to talk to me. I sat infront of him and he said he has Gift of Visions and will reveal  what he sees only when urged to do so. He asked me why whenever I am depressed and have problems, I stop praying and stay away from Church. I was shocked as nobody knows about it. He then went on to say that I am a very lucky person as he see a Lady clothed in Immaculate White (Blessed Mother Mary) with her arms outstretched behind me and protecting me as Her child. He then went on to say that my life is always plagued with problems especially in finance and health and that my family don’t truly love me but whenever I am at the lowest ebb of my life and about to give up, Blessed Mother Mary will save me and through her Intercession, Lord Jesus Christ will bless me with strength and preserverence to start all over again.

The 5th Miracle took place in 1986. I was involved in a very serious motor-cycle accident where the impact of my back landing on a drain reuslted in me suffering spinal injuries. I was rushed to Toa Payoh Hospital by BJ who was with me on a separate motor-cycle. After the initial  medical examination, the Doctor told BJ as I was laying face up on the trolley that I will end up paralysed. When I heard that start to cy uncontrollably.

The Doctor told BJ that a full speedy recovery is not in their hands but in God’s hands. BJ immediately left the Hospital.

Several Hours later, I felt a tingling sensation rushing through my lower limbs and had the urge to get up and walk which I did.

As I was walking up and down the Observation Ward, BJ walked in and was surprised seeing me walking and asked the Doctor what has happened to which the Doctor replied that he took was shocked and asked where  did he (BJ) go and he replied that he went to Novena Church and prayed asking for the Intercession of Blessed Mother Mary to ask her Son Lord Jesus Christ to touch and heal me.

Indeed it was a miracle that I was able to once again walk without any permanent injuries.

At the age of 18 years old in 1983 I joined the Singapore Police Force.

In 1988, I was contemplating to leave my Catholic Faith and become a Muslim as at that time I felt being a Roman Catholic am always being persecuted over and over again. My life was unsettled, confused and in a crisis.

My Foster Parents (BJ’s Mum and Dad) had organised a pilgrimage to Medugorje where Blessed Mother mary did appear several times to the natives there. At the eleventh hour, one of the memeber cancelled their trip and My Godma suggested that I follow them as there is a vacant seat.

The 6th Miracle took place soon after we arrived at Yugoslavia Airport. All in the Group had no problem clearing the immigration and customs clearance except me who was escorted into another office by a burly woman officer. In the office, I was interrogated and being accused of being a spy. I reiterated that I am here on a Pilgrimage and not on official duty as they learnt through Interpol ASite that I am a member of the Singapore Police Force.

After an hour, I was allowed to rejoin my group members and it was then I found out that whilst I was detained inside the office the Group recited the Holy Rosary pleading for me to be released.

Without doubt it was through the intercession of Blessed Mother Mary that I was saved.

The 7th Miracle took place when I was in the village Medugorje.

There was one evening that the males of the village gathered at the one and only Roman Catholic Church there in anticpation of Blessed Mother Mary’s apparition